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5 reasons to Vlog your holidays

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July 10, 2017

I started Vlogging my trips a while back and its became an addiction! an addiction thats got me hundreds of hours of footage and made me spend hours on hours of editing but I truly love it now!

My memories in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Lisbon, Madrid, New York have all been captured and the memories captured in Footage are 10000 times better than pictures!

Its encouraged me to do things I’ve not done before, its made me more confident and I’ve found myself achieving more because I guess I somehow feel like someones keeping me accountable. The boat ride I never really wanted to go on in Turkey turned out to be the best day I had in 2015! The restaurant that looked kinda shady in London tasted Amazing! ┬áThe sky diving I booked and I was that scared right up until the point where he counted down from 3 and pushed u on two because most people hold on at 1 is one of the best videos I have. The sense of freedom you get sky diving is all captured on camera!

It makes you care less about what other people think of you and this is great, its difficult filming yourself talking to a camera on the street at first but it does get easier! The more you do it the better your vlogs will become and I think most people these days are used to the idea of someone recording on the streets too so you won’t get too many funny looks.


It will make you notice the little beautiful things in life, you’ll start seeing more and start smiling more!

You will feel relaxed and have much more fun!