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If you know your history then you’ll know that club DJs were made in the 70s. The DJs back then would play from the moment the club opened until the very last second when the lights came on and people had the worst feeling every clubber knows. The shock and sadness as you realise that you need to return back to reality.. The DJs back then would take crowds on a path, a journey.. and introduce them to new music.

You have Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc, DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, David Mancuso, Nicky Siano.. then you have the guys who started chicago house.. Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles twisted basslines and rhythms of disco, synth pop, r&B and created something raw and fresh… Ron Hardy came to fame in Knuckles club The Power Plant and people loved him… He was known for playing an energetic style..


Back then the DJs were linked to the clubs they played at and pretty much defined those clubs.  You think of the warehouse and you think Frankie Knuckles. You think of The Paradise Garage and you think of Larry Levan. Fabric and you think of Craig Richards…

Now DJs are mostly known for the club nights they play at.. David Guetta – known for F*ck Me I’m Famous etc etc but they’re known for playing at every festival, guest slots at other peoples clubs. I mean really… theres only so much u can do with hour long slots. Everything these days is about quick thrills, big drops, instant pleasure… The only guys that are doing somewhat of a decent job are your techno-heads, disco lovers and anything that falls in between the two.

Some sets are over and done with in 30 minutes and as a DJ I can say that is utterly pointless… i wouldn’t even get out of bed to play a set at the biggest club for 30 minutes. Just pointless.

All this three, four headliner nonsense too just winds me up. Naturally every one of them want to stand out more than the other so they all play big hitters and this doesn’t help towards the problem at all.


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